AI-Powered Twitch Chat Bot - Stream Chat A.I.
Give your community a smart &
engaging chat experience

All the features you'd expect...

(and a few you wouldn't)

Unique Personality

Discover a chat-bot fully tailored for you. Entirely customisable, it resonates with your style and remembers past interactions on premium plans. Plus, with the "relate" feature, it crafts unique messages based on recent chats, ensuring lively and continuous engagement.

Connect it to its own Twitch account on one of our paid plans to give it its own username!

Bespoke Overlays

Transform your stream with our multimedia editor. Supporting video, audio, images and integrated with Giphy, it's your one-stop for diverse and dynamic stream content.

Don't be limited by predefined layouts, you control the exact position of the text and other elements.

Custom !commands

Boost interaction with unique !commands. Let our AI craft dynamic viewer responses and, with permission-based controls, create exclusive commands for moderators, subscribers, or just for you.

!roll Virtual Dice

!imagine A.I. Images

!gifs Dynamic Gifs

...and so much more!

Development is ongoing, and we encourage ideas from the community on our Discord. If you're on the fence about joining, come join the Discord and ask your questions!